Daisy’s Modified Condition

December 16, 2010
It’s 2 a.m. again and I’m unable to sleep tossing and turning in my bed, the blanket full of darkness it consumes the total absence light. The room echoes a faint dim reflection of the street light casting down on my diary, I reach over grabbing it. Daisy won’t let me sleep her veil of darkness proceeds and over shadows her ignorance, this night wasn’t going to any different, how I yearn for nights where my eyes would fold down upon my cheeks and shut close for eternity so I could peacefully induce within the cosmos in head. The moon was beating down so heavily on my tanned face that my tears were glisten on my skin.  My heart sank further and further into my chest. It made breathing nearly impossible tears flowed at a rapid pace. Daisy been trying to tell me something but every times she goes to open up her mouth I wake up to her whispering in a monochrome tone crammed of warmth. I begin writing in my diary I don’t understand where this fastidiousness with Daisy comes from; I mean there are plenty of other characters on the island. Why her? 

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