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Petty Crimes, why oh why?

The whole thing started about 1 month from when I moved in. There was this group of kids, mainly the one girl, let’s call her “K”. Don’t let me get you all confused, ALL OF THE KIDS were messed up. “K” started by calling me names or things I had only thought girls said in movies. I was wrong; people like the ones in those catty movies exist in this world. It was rather crude, those things she said to me.
The kids so far are in the suspicion of my parents, as well as myself, that they have popped the car tire, put dog feces in my shoes, harshly threatened my little brother as well as myself, and their latest “achievement” at stealing my father’s NIKE shoes from the front door of my home.
As ridiculous and petty this may seem to some, my parents and I have a low tolerance for things like this. It is annoying, dishonest, & shows true character to what some “more Tico than the Gallo Pinto” children as well as the exception of one American girl age ranged 7-15 are like.
I am writing this because I know eventually these kids will get caught, and when they do, I will make sure to write about that as well.

That's all for now from the closet journalist,


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