October 25, 2010
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This I believe... that some rules should be the same for adults as children. Safety shouldn’t be taken lightly. There are some rules for kids that could benefit adults. Some examples are: seat belts, bicycle lane, and helmets. People should be treated fairly especially in these days. Even though some rules are fair some of them aren’t fair.
First and foremost, I believe seat belt rules should be changed. Did you know that people over 18 years old do not have to wear a seat belt in the back seats of a car. I think everyone in a car should be required to wear a seat belt because it keeps you safe. Before you get into the car, just remember, safety first. That is first rule that should be changed.
Further more, bike lanes should be added on some neighborhood streets. If there are bike lanes in some neighborhoods, there should be some in every neighborhood. First, because there is no bike lane in my neighborhood. That is a problem because technically bicycles aren’t supposed to be ridden on the sidewalks. So we have to ride our bicycles in the street which sometimes isn’t safe. Along with safety, there are cars. Cars sometimes cut corners short to make the light or to get home quicker. Throughout my lifetime, in my neighborhood kids that ride in the street end up in the middle. Adding bike lanes could help this. So if they’re going to have bicycle lanes in some neighborhoods, they should have them in all neighborhoods.

Along with seat belts, another rule that should be changed includes bicycle helmets. Did you know that people over 18 years old don’t have to wear a helmet when riding a bicycle. That’s correct, not really safe. Now I think that everyone should have to were a helmet no matter how old they are. It might be cool not to wear a helmet but it is not safe. That is another rule that should be changed.

So those are some rules that should be changed. Upon review of the above rules, I feel abults wold be safer when following kid rules. I feel safety is important for everyone. Along, with that I also believe that kids could be safer following some adult rules. For an example of a rule that kids would be safer following adult rules are, kids should have the same punishment as adults. They should be changed for constancy and safety.

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