The Monster

September 7, 2010
He haunts you. You try to throw him into the past, forget him completely but the little monster keeps coming back and begs for you to take one more hit. Just to satisfy the craving that’s building inside. Do you take it? Of course you do because the temptation is too strong to deny. But you wish you could end it, grab the little monster around the throat and give him a good squeeze. He’s your enemy. He’s your friend. He doesn’t judge you, doesn’t make you feel pain or sadness. He doesn’t take anything from you. All He wants is your soul. You sell your soul to the devil in return of giving you something to forget. Make you feel alive again in this world of dead. This little monster is my best friend. He makes me feel things you shouldn’t feel, that you shouldn’t experience. He makes me fly; he makes me soar high above the clouds in a state of satisfaction. I could stay up there forever but I know at some point I have to come down. I have to exit my private world where nothing can hurt me and enter back into reality. That’s when I sit back, take another hit, and go for a ride with the monster.

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cutebunny_10 said...
Sept. 14, 2010 at 12:37 pm
Im sorry; personal opinion here, but this wasn't something you should have posted!
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