You're Gone

August 12, 2010
By nsn_495 GOLD, Manteca, California
nsn_495 GOLD, Manteca, California
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Never frown, for you never know when someone is falling in love with your smile(:

I smell the salt in the air. I taste the emotion in your kiss but it's not real. Why can't we still love like this? Living with you in my mind is all I have left. I was a fool for letting you take control of my heart. I say I've moved on but it's not the whole truth. I'm still not over you. The difference is in these days I get out of bed and don't breakdown all day long like i used to. How can what was once ours, be gone? My heart aches for you. For your touch. The pieces of my heart are missing you. Living with you in my mind is all i have left. Living with you in my mind is all I have left...My life has happiness but I'm not complete. Why is love always a grasp away? I just can't go on like this. You are important in the presence of my life. But now, living with you in my head is all I have left.

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