A Crying Son

July 7, 2010
By IceSolider SILVER, Menifee, California
IceSolider SILVER, Menifee, California
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Dear dad hows it been i guess a couple years. Im 16 now going on 17 just wish you could
see me.Dad im almost your hight about 6'6 now, man you missing it . Ah man and mom too yeah she still a hot head trying to keep it togther all on her own keeping a house of 4.She needs a help in hand so im looking for jobs.Dad I miss you man,been so long since you went jail I understand your innocent , yep mom tries to make me forget you but you just cant wipe memories from a little kid I guess.You know we still have pictures of you I keep them with all the letters you wrote me and birthday cards you sent.My favorite though is when you were holding me when i was a toddler.I showed some of my friends they all think the same your so tall and im cute.Yeah but the boy you left is gone im matureing.Now im finding what the world can offer on the choices you make,while learning all there is to know in high school.I also have a girlfriend that I would love for you to meet.I think you would like her,her name is Brenda she is a good girl that knows what she wants.She hopes to be a designer ,but im in the car thing.I've sent my mind to it but if i dont make ill be a writer.Thats just one back up out of 20 jobs.Dad I miss you ive been growing with the help of mom but in the back of my mind I always wonder about you.My mind tells me im missing something always,I have a girl now but it did not help.See I had a dream that we had a face to face conversation about the things you did and learn.Then I told you about my first everything it was good but not the same when I open my eyes.Dad im on the internet writing stories and poems to get a scholarship in journalism to keep my back up already in tact.Plus I hope you find me some how and read my stories or poems.

Sincerly your son Tony

P.S Hope you regret leaving me for that lady that sent you there

The author's comments:
This is for my dad just know you have a crying son thats missing you.

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