The Ghost In My Living Room

May 27, 2010
It was just an ordinary day, nothing to exciting was happening. my siblings and I were left home while my parents went food shopping. After they left, the kids rushed to the master bedroom. The room was cool and the bed was covered in snow white sheets and the pillows covered half the bed. We were In heaven, we had the bed to ourselves. Later that afternoon everyone had the munchies, so I did the favor by going to the kitchen and finding some kind of food to feed the munchies. A couple of mintues passed and I came back empty handed. On my way back to the bedroom, something caught the side of my eye, so as i turn my head i see a dark shadowy man figure. He was just staring at me, I was paralyzed for a few seconds. Once I gained back control of my body i ran back to bed. My heart was POUNDING in my chest, after my heart calmed down I checked back to see if he was still there, sadly he disappeared. That was the last time i ever seen this man.

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