Rebirth of the Beatnik

May 3, 2010
By BillBeth BRONZE, Trainer, Pennsylvania
BillBeth BRONZE, Trainer, Pennsylvania
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In this silly little game called life there are many roads: long ones, short ones, ones diverged from a yellow wood. I'm not interested in these roads, though. I'm interested in the hidden paths, the rough and rocky short-cuts. These paths are barely visible, however. Only the line-straddlers see them; yes, the line straddlers. These select few "straddle" the line between intelligent, goal-driven goodie two-shoes and narcotic consuming, promiscuity fueled, low-life. For those happy with one side or the other, good luck. As for the line-straddlers, rejoice.

The author's comments:
After discovering that everything posted becomes property of Teen Ink, I opted to post anything worth a damn. Instead I constructed a little paragraph, without being re-read or revised, to give a little insight into the man behind the computer.

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