High School

May 13, 2010
Like a circus I am played out and harrassed. So many different things happening at once. They stare at me with eyes so fierce as I enter through the cold metal doors. Walking through the halls I see the ring leader aka the jock by his posse making a comotion. I see the clowns aka the druggies in the corner talking about their weekend. Then I see my friends who are the tame lions so confident in what and where they going in life but still know how to have fun.

So far the four years I have spent are in high school I have come across a lot of different characters such as the ring leader who doesn’t care who you are he will push you into a locker, the clowns who are the friendliest of people and who will talk to you but outside the four walls we call school they won’t acknowledge you. Then there are the lions who I have known for as long as eighth grade; the people I come to on my best and worst days, the ones who make me laugh even though I don’t feel like it.

Whether it’s a circus or just plain high school there are always certain groups that will stick out. The ways they act and how they dress are alike, they might as well be clones. Either way in the end we all will go our separate ways.

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