Wanted for terrorism

May 4, 2010
By musab BRONZE, Houston, Texas
musab BRONZE, Houston, Texas
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Don’t judge a book by its cover

My name is Musab H. I am just like any ordinary kid but I am Muslim. before any of the tragedies that happened Muslims used to be treated like any other race .don’t put this story down because I am Muslim when you read this t might actually change the way you think about Muslims . Don’t you realize in airports Muslims are the ones people are suspicious about .when a man wearing a turban comes into an airport nobody will look at him like a normal person they will look at him like a terrorist. And the other people get so scared to go o a plane so it doesn’t blow up. Next time you go to an airport I want you to realize that.
I have a quick story related to this issue it happened not too long ago. I, my brother and my brother’s friend went to go play basketball at a local mosque. A mosque if you don’t know is a place where Muslims go to pray then a kid came out wearing some football protective gear and as soon as my brothers friend saw him he got scared and thought that the guy had a suicide bomb. You wouldn’t think something like this would happen but it is a true story and the bad part about it was that the kid wasn’t joking about it either. People began thinking like this after the 9-11 catastrophe. It’s hard to imagine how a group of terrorists convinced all of America that every Muslim was a terrorist. For example if you and a group of friends are walking in a mall together then one of your friend decides to steal something and later on your friend gets caught and instead of just him getting in trouble you all do and you all get accused of stealing even if you didn’t… how would you feel, you would feel pretty angry, well that’s how all Muslims feel when they get called terrorists when people talk and make fun of them. To tell you the truth Muslims are the most peaceful people in the world if you our comparing Muslims with al-Qaeda then I could compare white people with Hitler and say that they were bad, I could compare black people with the gangsters on the street I can compare all Hispanics with the communist Fidel Castro and all the Asians with the communist of north Korea. Most of you reading this are probably one of these races so think next time you decide to call a Muslim a terrorist or any other racist remark and think about if you were in there position. I have another thing to argue about. It is that not only the citizens are the ones doing this the government have also been doing a lot. Ever since 9-11 the airports have changed the security branch a lot. They have begun checking bags extra carefully not allowing liquids onboard and they are beginning to make x-ray machines so they can see if anybody is hiding anything. And the thing that really gets me mad it the amount of focus that go on to Muslim passengers if you have a Muslim name like my brother who’s name is Mohammed when they found out his name they said that it had a star next to it that star represented wanted terrorists but since my brother was not a man they didn’t need to check him. I feel strong about this subject because nobody deserves to be treated unequally no matter what race. And if you think that racism is over, well think again because it is all over us everyday you hear racist remark and you see that person get there feelings hurt not just Muslims any race can get this happened to them I think if there was no racism there would be no war and everybody would live peacefully together it is each of our responsibilities to try an prevent this issue I really hope this new generation of humans can be a new generation and stop racism and discrimination.

“everyday racists are born not physically but mentally.”- Musab H.

The author's comments:
a life changing story if you have a clean heart

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