The Best Things in Life Come Free

May 10, 2010
By Anonymous

“Aww, they’re so beautiful.” I whispered to myself. It was 6:38 in the morning and I had gone downstairs to check on my dog, who happened to be pregnant. As soon as I got downstairs into the family room, I was amazed to see a new little black and brown puppy sitting on a blue pillow in the bed with Misti, my dog. Immediately I ran upstairs to wake my family so we could all witness this beautiful sight. Not a moment to soon we all got there and watched as the next puppy arrived. Only two little ones came.

The next couple of days were restful for Misti. I checked on the new puppies every now and then. After a week had passed, the puppies unfortunately started getting very loud. Every time it was time for bed, and we would start to fall asleep, moments later I could hear the puppies cry out. Next, I would hear the sound of my mother running down the stairs crying out with a sigh, “What’s wrong THIS time?”

Every night was like that, and each time I heard the puppies cry out. I would hear my parents say to each other, “It’s your turn.”

Finally, weeks had passed and they got bigger. Fortunately, they didn’t cry at night anymore. Instead they started to wander around the house causing havoc.

A few months later, we started to let the puppies into the backyard. Because they were so small, they would shove themselves into every little hole they could find. Watching them do this was a riot, trying to find them afterwards was the worst.

One day I decided to let them out and play. After a while, I decided that I wanted to go to my friend’s house. I picked up the phone and called my mom. “Mom? Can I go to Alexa’s house?”

“Sure, just don’t forget the puppies outside.”

At that moment I felt terror run through my veins. I just remembered that the puppies had been outside for two hours! “Oh yeah, no problem, um I … thanks mom! Bye!” Quickly, I hung up the phone and ran outside.

“Chocolate! Emzi!” I cried out, my eyes scanning the backyard. Relief flew through me as Chocolate came immediately, but Emzi was no where to be found. Well with Chocolate safely locked in the house, I set out to find Emzi. Twenty minutes later, all of a sudden, she popped out of no where. The panic that ran through me at that moment, thinking that I had lost them helped me realize, how I love them and don’t know how I would feel if they disappeared.

“Chocolate, Emzi,” I looked down at their cute little puppy eyes, “I’m going to love and treasure you forever.”

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