April 30, 2010
By larlar2323 BRONZE, Hartford, Wisconsin
larlar2323 BRONZE, Hartford, Wisconsin
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Oh, the good ol’ days. I know there are plenty of people out there who have thousands of negative things to say about the Blockbuster franchise but it’s different when you work there. You learn to love the brightly painted blue and yellow walls and dusty shelves. You become committed to trying your hardest to keep the place organized and to helping all the crabby customers.

I originally applied to Blockbuster for one reason, and one reason only. Because Chris Geier worked there. My friend Sarah and I have had the biggest crush on him since our sophomore year. A master artist, skater, and way too old and cool for me. I remember going in to hand in my application and there he was, sitting on the counter (which later I found out was against the rules). I handed the manager my application and walked right back out the store, trying to make eye contact with Chris. I’ll admit I was pretty pathetic and obsessed but it was more just for fun. I didn’t actually think they’d hire me! One, I didn’t no they were hiring me and two, I applied at other places around town thinking I’d get a call from them. However, that was not the case.

I got the call a week later from Pat Bakic, the store manager, asking when I’d like to come in for an interview. I went in for my interview and it was mortifying. I was trying to be all charming and funny, but everything I said was just awkward. I laughed at my own jokes and stumbled over my responses to his questions. Pat seemed very serious during my first encounter with him and I could never tell if he was joking or not. But he was nice enough to give me the job!

My first day was June 23, I remember because I punched in exactly a month after my birthday. I learned how to use the registers, wash the shelves, and restock the movies. It was easy and even kind of fun, and the best part was I was getting paid to do it! I checked my schedule after the first day. I worked with Chris the next week. I was literally counting down the days. I hardly talked to him during the shift but when I did, my face always turned bright red and I made sure I kept my mouth shut before I started to ramble. I worked with him maybe two times after that, and then he moved to Chicago. I guess I should thank him some day for getting me that job. Because I loved it even after he left me.

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