Who I am as A Writer

February 26, 2010
By KiKi3 SILVER, Toledo, Ohio
KiKi3 SILVER, Toledo, Ohio
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As a writer I am like a new born baby. When I see the world it is a surprise to me and I am overwhelmed but, just one touch by that whom I know and or an awakening by that I yearn to know opens my eyes to a more momentarily world. Seeing the world in little moments like in the eyes of a child helps me as a writer, to appreciate more. Every sound, every sight, every smell, and every touch fascinates me beyond definition. As I grow and discover the things that I am capable of, I can't help but to desire even more. In do time I grow and become aware of those moments in life. I mature and start to open the door to adulthood but, deep inside my soul a child still muses on the beach, embracing the sand trying to count and hold on to every grain of moments and every wave that nourishes them.

As do seasons of the year some moments slip away and that very truth inspires me as a writer to keep stepping on. In life there are those little moments; those that are happy and even those not worth smiling about. In that time of no smiling, that time of hurt, despair, confusion, and disappointments I write faster than the wind whirling my dreams up to the heavens but also I write slow as a snail continuing his journey to the sun. Careful am I not to be so caught up in the times of tears that I miss the moment that could capture the world by the stroke of a pen. But overly careful I am not because some moments weren't nourished by the waves on the beach and they slip from my hands and even that I write about. That which inspires me the most.

As a writer I am a poet. Poetry is my favorite type of writing because I love how each line of beats come together as one to create a melody of moments in the song of inspiration. Each line that I write as a poet gives me a little more clue of who I am inside. Poetry is the queen of my journals. She is a story told in a variety of ways. Poetry consumes the moments of of life and gives the child inside of me the beauty of the beach and the all the grains of sand that I can possibly hold. Poetry is the definition of me.

Stepping forward in my journey to find moments and waves to nourish my grains of sand, I learn more about myself as a writer. Over the past few months I've realized that as a writer I have more that meets the eye. Each grain of sand, when nourished by the right waves, produces the the beauty of the beach in ways that I never thought possible. The eyes of the child inside me brightens and discovers even more which keeps my desire to write strong. I've learned over these few months that there are new ways my moments can produce a song. It's free association, a list poem, haiku, or just a textbook poem that shows me I can hold as many grains of sand as I want to produce something I've never tried before. As a writer I am like a new born baby yearning for that one touch and or awakening causing the child inside me, as I grow older, to search for the beauty of the beach and be able to embrace as many grains of sand I can and be inspired by the waves or nourishment that sculpts masterpieces.

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