Never Think

February 18, 2010
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Never hit the bottom. That’s what they tell me. Don’t ever fall, for surly it will bring bad luck. It’s an old wives tale I say. Still, it matters. You don’t want to find out if it’s true, do you? They ask accusingly, as if I have already done something wrong. I used to like to share them. My adventures, my hopes, my dreams. But no, not anymore. Too much trouble. What could possibly be wrong with a dream? Nothing I say. But they still find a way to critique it. Dreams. That’s the point of them isn’t it? To escape all your worries and do what you want. They’re one of the only things that are truly and only yours. I want to keep them that way. Don’t tell me what to dream! Let me do that, it’s up to me to figure out. It’s like growing up, it’s not something you learn, it just happens.

Daydreams, sweet dreams, nightmares. Whatever you call them, they’re completely yours. Close your eyes, see what you want. Worriless. Stress-free. Safe. What more could you want? Me? I look forward to my sleep, she’s my bell of freedom-others fear it. It’s too unpredictable they say. Dreams. I wait for her. SHH! She creeps upstairs, waits until I fall asleep, and crawls into my head. It’s a safe haven for her - and for me. No one needs to know where she takes me and no one needs to like it. Let’s keep it that way. Dreams. Never think, never know, never care.

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Dude said...
Jun. 8, 2010 at 10:34 am

This is excellent!  Your articles demonstrate a wide range of styles and sensitivity.  Great effort.


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