Better Than a Popsicle

February 2, 2010
We came home from Disneyworld and we had what looked like a whole scrap booking store’s inventory of Disney paper and stickers; we, as a family, wanted to make a scrap book of our trip to Disneyworld. So the whole family and I were around the table talking and laughing about the memories we just made, we were having fun. I, spying the picture I wanted to use on the page I was working on, reach over the table and my arm lands on a sharp object, slicing my skin with no pain- Exacto knife. I pull my arm up and look at it, I thought it was tape, it was sticky and cold. But it was something else, blood. I did not scream, but measly said “Mom, I am bleeding.” My mom did not believe me until she saw the open wound herself. My mom and I got our shoes on and rushed to the hospital, only to wait eight hours and have four stitches tied in my arm. After I got my stitches, the nurses gave me the board game “Clue”. I thought to myself at least it’s better than a Popsicle.

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