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January 18, 2010
By corey27 BRONZE, RIVER FOREST, Illinois
corey27 BRONZE, RIVER FOREST, Illinois
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I have been writing for many years now and to be honest have not a found a real interest in it. Although I sometimes enjoy writing fictional stories for a project or something, I do not like writing long essays. Writing fictional stories are fun, because it can be about anything and there is no right or wrong story but it just has to be interesting for people to read. I feel that writing long essays is a hard and boring process because I always feel like I did not write a lot. When I get stuck, I am confused on what else I should write or if I should just stop.
Last year in English honors with Mr. Lind, we wrote many essays. In English last year, I learned the parts of an essay and the function of each part. For example, the hook is what in the novel draws people in and it is like the title. The thesis states a specific argument about what you understand. I also learned to block quote, lead in quotes, write body paragraphs, use transitions, and write a proper conclusion. I feel that I have improved since middle school in writing essays.
This year, I am hoping to start enjoy writing. I know that there is going to be plenty of writing in this class and I hope by the end of the year, I am comfortable with writing essays. I write essays not only in English but in History and Science classes as well. I know that the strict rules of writing essays do not necessarily have to be followed in these particular classes but it is important to know. I also know that writing and especially writing essays is very important in life and that I’m going to need it past high school. Writing is a skill that requires knowledge and years having done it. Another thing that I hope to accomplish this year, is writing poems. Developing a broader vocabulary should improve me in that skill.

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