November 30, 2009
By soccersonic24 SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
soccersonic24 SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
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BUM.BUM. My heart is pounding as we line up on the field. It’s the first game of my senior season and I want to make a mark. My thoughts drift to something my mom told me before the game, “I think that you should pray with the team before your game tonight.” Does she know where I go to school? I can’t do that and besides none of the guys would want to anyway. “I don’t know, I will see,” I had said reluctantly as I headed to my game. I bow my head to pray, as I have been doing since my junior year, while I hear the national anthem fading into the background. Dear Heavenly Father, I come to you now and I pray that we would have a great season and also that we could leave an everlasting impact on this school. I know you will be with us throughout the season and there is going to be ups and down but I pray we would honor you during both times. In your name I pray. I lift my head as the national anthem is finishing and one of my teammates asks me if I will pray with the team before our game. What?!?! Going to a public school and having played with this kid for 5 years I knew him well and wasn’t expecting this. I can honestly say that God worked through him to ask me that question. We knelt down in a huddle before kickoff and I prayed for the team and our season. It went from being one prayer, to two, until it was the pregame prayer that we did before each game. It went from being a thought, to a question, to becoming a part of each one of us. It showed me that God can take something that you think isn’t possible and it becomes completely possible with Him. It also showed others that God isn’t something we have to keep quiet but we can talk about Him even at a public school. I also feel that it brought the team closer together because we were doing something that a lot of other teams at our school weren’t doing. It gave us a feeling that something was different about this team and it was going to be a different kind of season. It was the most successful season the school had seen since 1985, and not one major injury!

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