big conflic

December 14, 2009
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Hector Tirado.
Big conflict

When I was in 6th grade I got in a big conflict with a kid in school because he was calling me, “wetback.” I was so tired of him and other people that were messing around with me in class. The kid supposedly was trying to be a gangster, and he like to mess with people who did not speak English. I didn’t even know him that well. I just knew that he didn’t like my friends, and then he told one of his friends, Ask Hector if he wants to fight me. Them I told him what ever.

I’m not scared of you. I hit the table because I was frustrated.

Then he said “After class, when 5th period is over.”

Then I answer back, “alright stupid b*****. Then the class was over, and we were going to the back of the school. Most of the teacher were not there and could not get in. Then I saw that a lot of people were going, and I said to all of them, “I’m not going to fight, “and then they went back to their classes, then I was going to go back and go to my class the same way I came form but I figure our that if I went the other way I was going to be late. Then I went running to my class then other way, and my friends were behind the kid I was going to fight. Then I pass my friends and he was he front of me. Then I pass him and he scream to me, “wetback are you scare of me?” And I turn around and told him “what b**** I’m not scare of you.” Then he came walking to my face and start talking s**** to me. Then I push him from me and he tried to punch me but I went down and he missed me, and when I came up at the same time I hit him in the cheek, he went down to the floor and I could hear the kids scream, “fight, fight.” Then the fight was over and I won. I could see all the people around me. I could smell the perfume of the people! My friends were saying that I bit him up really bad, and I was like, “How, if I just hit him 3 times?

They said, “No you got him in the ground.” I was like, “Them for reels?” Then after the fight, I was wondering if I was going to get caught we got to the last period , and we were about to go to the house, and I thought I wasn’t going to get caught, and I was happy. But 20 min pass on class and the security came for my friend and me. I asked my friend, “What happen? Where are we going?” and he said, “I don’t know man.” After that they tuck us in a little room were there were more people. Then the assistant principal came with the Vato I fought with.

Then the principal asked, “What happened,” and the other kid said, “He was kicking me on the ground”

Then I told them, “ That’s a lie.” I said to them, “I just hit him 3 times, and then went to the class.” After that they send all the rest of the student back to their class, and the only ones that stayed there was me and the other kid that I fought with. Then they made us call our parents. I was scared because I didn’t knew what were they were going to do to me when I got home. Then the principal talked to my mom and my mom said, “Can he stay after school?” and the principal said, “yes.” When I came out of the school my dad went, and picked me up. I didn’t know if he knew I got in a fight, but I dint say anything about it. When we got home my mom talked to my dad, and then my dad called me in and asked me, “What happen?” and I explain every thing to him. Then he said, “that it was alright, “ That I was defending my self, and I didn’t got grounded.

I remember when I got in a fight when they were calling me wetback. When I see or hear other people called other people wetback I get angry. I learn that if you fight is for a good reason and to protect your honor. I used to be scared of the people but now I learn that you don’t have to be scare at nothing or no one.

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