Is it LOVE???

“Wow your amazing babe,” I said out loud from the text I just got. I get upset thinking about him and how faraway he has to be. Alaska from Texas that’s not too far away is it? I hope not but I know it really is. Just when my life is just about to crumble into a million pieces it gets better because a guy I met talks to me and he’s everything I’m looking for. I got to have him. He told me he “loved me,” I said “I love you too!” What am I supposed to say because it’s true I love him even though I know I really shouldn’t. He’s ripped full abs he loves to watch chick flicks he’s an All-star hockey player. He’s been scouted to go to Chicago because he’s already graduated but I’m in high school I have a whole 2 years before I graduate.

“I want to marry you babe. I want to make you mine, live with you and have a beautiful family with you. I love you more than anything in the world babe!” he says this to me………. I tell him “Babe I still have high school and I plan to go to college. I promise I will think about it.” What to do???? No clue. Is it wrong to tell him that I don’t think it was I have a lot ahead of me. I still have a life ahead of me. Hell I haven’t even had my first beer never been to a high school party, or made that “big” mistake with a guy. I love him and never want to stop talking to him but, I have to live first before I just jump in. I feel possessive but I can’t be I’m too far away. I can’t wait till the space between us closes. I’m pretty sure he’s my one and only LOVE. But one thing what do I tell a guy when he asks me out “I have a boyfriend sorry.” But he asks “Well who is it?” What to say? What to say? “His name is Nick but you wouldn’t know him he lives to far away to notice…..” Then I will get the “WTF!” look and will never be talked to by another guy. Okay this may sound bad but I have to get some from a guy every once in a while don’t you think??? Not sex but maybe a kiss or two. I’m not waiting 2 years before I get to have heavy make outs with a guy. That’s just not going to happen. But I really love him…… I would feel too bad I don’t cheat. I can’t. It would rip my heart in half to know I did that. I hope he loves me enough that he won’t do that. I love him way too much. Your probably thinking you can’t love him you haven’t met him, well you may be right but my feelings are very strong so strong that I would probably scream if I cheated or if he did the second I did it. It would hurt so bad to know that I hurt him. I can’t live with that. He says “Babe I will wait for you forever as long as I have to. I’m yours babe, you own me.” I don’t think I can do it I refuse to break his heart. It makes my heart hurt when I think about hurting his.

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