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On the Outside

When I was in sixth grade, I witnessed discriination against race. A new boy came to our class. He was mexican and he was actually pretty talkative. I don't know why, but my class chose to pick on him teling him to go back to his own country and other horrible things against him and his race. The best/worst part was that he became my best friend. At lunch, we would sit alone at a table because no one would want to be near us. Because I befriended this boy, I was also treated terribly. For about two months, this boy and I were pretty much in seperable... and hated. The weird thing, though, was that by December people were treating us like any other people and my friend was even making new friends. Problems arose for my firend, though, and he had to move back to his home in Mexico.

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ShrimpyBB said...
Nov. 18, 2009 at 9:17 pm:
I love you miguel!!!!! I miss you!!!!! good job jossy!
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