That Guy

You find a guy, he works, you flirt with him a little every once in a while. BUT he has this girl that he’s always talked to and he treated her like s***. He cheated every chance he got. He’s the guy you stay up and talk to on the phone and talk for hours for the past year and you start talking again after he hurt you because he went to her. You give him a chance and you really like him and he even calls you babe, Hun, and love. All weekend, you can’t stop thinking about him. But you know he’s a sweet talker and a total jerk but there’s something about that one guy. He’s great, super nice to you, says he wants to kiss you, and hold your hand. Oh, and don’t forget that he tells you how much he wants you. But you would think I wouldn’t trust him. I thought about it and I did give him a chance and talked to him but he went to a party and you think o no biggie, because you knew he drank. But he still manages to have sex with two girls, not one but two. He tells you because he feels bad and he says I’m a jerk, and he told you because he really liked you and he wouldn’t blame you if you just blow him off. I thought about it asked my friend and she says he could’ve not told you, and you would of falling for him not knowing. I decide maybe to give him that chance, but doesn’t that really make chance three…… should I? I got a text saying he’d been thinking I said I don’t think I could trust you and that if he messed up he wouldn’t get me back as a girlfriend or maybe even a friend. He tells you he understands……but what if I’m not satisfied. It’s like I’m burning to talk to him, touch his arm, for him to call me babe and press his lips to mine. Is that bad I can’t do it because it will hurt way to bad if something happens again. I feel like I’m connected……… but I will deal and get over it. In fact today I am going to forget about everything.

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MoVizi said...
Nov. 12, 2009 at 9:25 am
Has this happened to you????
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