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September 29, 2009
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“Hey! Do you want to go Korean town after we go back to Bangkok?” one of my Korean friend said at the Chiang Mai station. When we arrived at Bangkok, I went back to home first, because I had to put big heavy trunk to home. I was thought about “Why do they invite me to Korean town?” Then my mobile phone rang “Quick! We are waiting for you!” That Korean shouted through the mobile phone. I was lazy to going to Korean town, because Korean town was far away from my house and actually I was tired too. When I arrived at Korean town, there were three Korean and two Thai. First I thought about I would be boring due to there was no Japanese friend. Even I can speak Thai to communicate with Thai friend. However I realized that they were merry and kind guys, when we sang the songs in Karaoke room.
Three month earlier, I was the only Japanese boy in Gr.10-1 class, and I was quiet in the class during first quarter. When break time, “Hey Japanese ha ha ha!” one Thai said. It was annoyed me, and during that time I did not understood Thai much, so when they spoke their native language, I always thought about they spoke bad word to me even they just talk together. Another day they spoke to me rudely in Japanese. I just laughed, but my heart got damage. When I played with Japanese during break time, I felt boring to play with Japanese because they played with childish, so sometimes I felt I want to play with them due to they playing like funny and they laughed. I wanted to make like this friends like always make me laugh.
Two month later during the Week without Walls, which was go and learning something from outside of our city, I worked with same classmates. When activity began, I had a good communication with them. I forget the name of activities but I still remember how we did well on the activities. We pleasured about we got 1st place on it. Dinner time, I tried to eat dinner with them. They said ok, but I still do not talk with them while I am eating. Last day of Week without Walls, at Chiang Mai station, big Korean guy said to me “Do you want to go to play after we go back to Bangkok?” I was confused. However when I arrived at Korean town, I realized that it was the party one of my classmate will leave RIST. First, we ate Korean food, which was a Korean Ramen. It was very delicious and my cheek was melted. After, we ate food, we went karaoke room. We sang Korean, Japanese, Thai, and English songs. It was merry and crazy.
After this happened, at school, we always played each others. Sometimes we fight each others but next day, we forget about it. We always smile and laugh. I realized these guys were very funny and I will never forget about this happened. Sometimes, I remind this happened and I still talk about this happened with these guys. I want play with them even we go back to native countries and keep friendship with them forever.

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