No One Understands

September 26, 2009
Chapter One

What do you do when you start to doubt the truth? Do you just sit there and wait for something to happen? Or do you play along and see what happens? I know that I'm not the most miserable person on Earth. But it definitely feels like I am.


That is the worst thing that was ever said to me. And it came from my own mother. It is not as if I asked to be born this way. It is not my fault that I am deaf. I cannot help it. No one else knows I feel. If they would like to know how I feel they should stick cotton in their ear and try to only read lips for a day. That is only for ONE day. I have to go through this everyday.

I must have the worst family in the whole wide world. Something is wrong with every single person in my family. They just cannot see it for themselves.

The person that I am the closest with in my family is my mom. My mom has nine sisters (one was adopted, so technically eight), and one brother. That is a total of eleven children from my mom’s side. I have problems with some of these people. But I do not trust any of them. I do not even know if I trust my own mother.

The first daughter born to my grandparents from my mom’s side is Aunt Nguyet. I do not have problems with her because she does not do anything to me. She does not talk crap about other people and she just does what she likes to do.

Then came Aunt Dan, I do not have a problem with her either, but Mom says that her face can swell and she can be can be mean sometimes only if you seem to make her mad. But I like Aunt Dan, she gives me things and she is a great person to hang out with.

End of Chapter One
(to be continued...)

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