In the back of the closet

September 25, 2009
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I never thought that the little, worn stuffed rabbit in the back of my sister's closet would compare anything to my life. But as a new girl edged in towards my best friend, I started to feel a test on my friends friendship with me. But I always knew we would pull through the end together. But then as the girl wouldn't let Claire towards me, with me, or anything else, this drug addict took over the life of my best friend forever, forever and always. But then a break came through. I was wrong. Like a seesaw, her in the middle, the new girl started to be with her more. As a rare treat one fall day, when the newness of sixth grade and middle school was starting to evaporate, we got the privlige of going outside. After the uproar of this was gone, I ran outside and threw my school books on the ground. As i searched the school grounds for my two friends for life, i ran towards them immeadietly. But then stopped. They were in our signature. But the thing that shocked me was Catryn's position. She was wearing my signature pose. No, not like my lipstick or eyeshadow, but the arms folded as i do, and the pain came as where she stood. She stood where i stood. My pose between Claire and Ben. Ben on my left, claire on my right. There was no doubt now, she was stealing my spot.

Then my luck flipped. Nothing went right. Catryn sat next to Claire at lunch, just as i should have. And Claire started laughing to Catryn. She laughed and said things like "Good one," and "nice" and then "Screw him" also "I LOVE that band!" that was almost enough for one girl to handle. But then I spoke, making a move. "Have you seen the latest smosh?" I asked. Claire blinked. Catryn cleared her throat and looked away. Ben said, "Not now, Anna."

Furious tears stung my eyes. I shoved half a sandwich into my mouth and fled the room.

When Catryn and Claire got on the bus, the first thing they did was waste food. I refused from the start to be apart of this throwning strawberriys out the windows nonsense. I was too busy cranking up fall out boy to hear what they said. The only words I heard Claire say was: I'll do it.

It was only when i got home that i realized i had forgotten my book at school. I rode my bike as fast as i could there.

As I numbly felt my eyes guide me down the hallway, I felt ragged, and I felt like the worn out, useless rabbit. Not wanted, wasn't needed, replaceable. But as most parents would say to their children, "You're not replaceable," I was. I was a friend that could be tossed aside, because there were better ones to do with. I had once had the opportunity to hand pick my friends, but I chose Claire. And look at what she did. Spilled my secrets, tossed me aside, and...STOLE FROM ME? I looked at the empty hallways as Claire was sifting through my money from my fallen liz claiborne wallet. my locker was open. I snuck up on her. "What the hell do you think your doing?" I angrily raised my voice.
She gasped, grabbed my money and ran. I dropped my things and chased after her. Up the stairs and down the halls. Until someone caught her. SHe screamed as his fingernails were digging down until I saw red dots on her arm.

"Drop the money and leave." He ordered.

She let the dollar bills fall from the ground and her running as fast as her high tops could take her.

THe boy scooped up the bills and handed them to me.

"Max." It was barely a whisper from my lips. My friendly enemy.

"She's not going to wake up from what she's doing. We'll have to make her." HIs normally joking eyes were serious.

I hesitantly took the bills. "Agreed."

Well at least i wasn't the only one who was in the back of the closet.

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