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September 24, 2009
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You are there, a caring person, but then you are gone, an ice queen. It drives me crazy sometimes. You don't know how to break the ice and you don't see her for who she is. Me, Gloria, and him, Christian, we have been forever with you, the powerful band of friendshp surrounds us in circles. Us three get rid of our enemies. Christian and I think this is over when last year we get rid of roland, and gratefully, max joins our side. It was supposed to be a peacemaker year, but the gossip girl came to school. She magneted you to her, turning you to her motorcycle side car. She made sure no one sat next to you but her during lunch, you pick her up from school. She captivates people, lures them into her net and then, BAM! You have no way out. You are isolated with her soon, and what you are is nothing. She crushes your weak soul and wipes her feet on your lifeless body . What you were a lump of rags once, I brought you up, and she strips you down. But her ultamate conquest is me. She wants to be my friend. She has seen my popularity and tried to get closer to me. But I know her secret. I have seen her drug addict family and her worthless lifestyle. But you are too ashamed to look at me, too ashamed to confront my harsh words, but if I have to leave you, I will. Just don't be suprised when she comes chasing after me, and you will be friendless. But don't worry,max and christian would always strap on their armor for me, and I won't do the same thing for someone like you. I would be too ashamed.

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