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My First Best Friend

April 8, 2019
By FlyinWhale GOLD, Main, Nebraska
FlyinWhale GOLD, Main, Nebraska
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Preschool was the best time of my life! When I was in preschool, I got to play all day, take naps whenever I wanted to, and eat yummy snacks. PSA (preschool of the arts) was the best school. I remember that we once made a magic potion. We put in a big pot some hair, apple cores, jelly, and even toenail clippings.The first week of preschool, I had no friends, but I was okay with that. I didn’t want any friends because I didn’t want to share my toys. I always played with the dolls in the far corner of the room.  The dolls looked like real people. They were the size of a pencil, and they had accessories so that you could dress them. I played with them every day, every hour, and every minute.

One day, some new toys came in. They were “Lincoln Logs.” I decided to go try them because they sounded entertaining. They were just little wooden blocks that you could build up to make a tower. When I walked over to the rug where they were, there was another girl playing with them. She was gorgeous. She had thick brown hair, big brown eyes, and very long eyelashes that made her look like she had mascara on. I wanted to go say hi, but I decided not to because that would make me have less time to play with the Lincoln Logs. I stacked the Lincoln Logs until it was about 2 feet high. It took almost 30 minutes to make, but it was worth it. The tower was almost done. I just needed to add one more to the top. There was only one Lincoln Log left. I reached over to grab it, but before I even touched it, the girl took it. She set it on her tower smiling. I glared at her, and her tower that looked a lot better than mine. Before I even thought about what I was doing, I snatched the Lincoln log off of her tower. I grabbed it so quickly, that some other pieces on the top of her tower fell off. She stared at me with her eyes not so big anymore, but squinty. Her lips were in a tight line, and I believe I saw her face turn a little red. I just smiled, which wasn’t a good choice because all of a sudden, she screamed.

“Give it back now!” she wailed

“No way!” That’s when she kicked my tower and it all fell apart. I could hear every log fall. Now it was was my turn to get furious. I kicked her tower even harder. Pieces of Lincoln Logs were flying everywhere. Then, she ran at me and tugged at my hair. We were both so mad at eachother, I just wanted to yank those pretty eyelashes out of her eyes. Finally, a teacher came over and plied us off of each other.

“Stop it! Both of you, this instant!” She said loudly and sternly. Now the whole class was looking at us curiously. We both stopped fighting and just glared at each other. The teacher was talking to us for a really long time, but I didn’t even notice. I just stared straight at that girl, feeling were going on in my head. All I could think about is about this perfect girl taking the last Lincoln Log from me. She was still staring at me to. I could tell that she was thinking the exact same thing, well, except the pretty part. The teacher got close and personal to the girls face.

“Ayden, do you even hear me,” the teacher yelled,  “apologize to Sierra this instant!” Ayden, her name was Ayden. It was a beautiful name that I would never forget . She hesitated for a moment, and then moaned.

“Im sorry.” She said slowly and sarcastically. I think that she smirked a little once the teacher turned around to talk to me. She told me to apologize to her.

“No way!” I yelled stomping off. I didn’t get very far because the teacher grabbed my arm.

“I said, apologize.” She said gritting her teeth together. I sighed and looked at Ayden.

“I’m sorry.” I didn’t mean what I said, but neither did she. The teacher suggested that we play together for recess time. It wasn’t really a choice. We pretty much had to. It took a really long time to get used to Ayden. She was mean and greedy. She would push me off bikes and throw sand at me. Although one day, we actually got along. We were playing dolls together and we were actually smiling at eachother. After that, we played dolls everyday having a great time. We became best friends and we still are now.

Ayden and I are now in 7th grade, and we’re still best friends. We have been in the same class since preschool to 6th grade. Since we live close to each other, we get to always hang out. Ayden and I will never forget the first moment we became friends and enemies. If we both haven’t fought about that one Lincoln Log, we would of never had the relationship we have now. I’m so glad I’m Aydens best friend and I know she’s glad to be mine too.

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