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Our Creation

October 28, 2018
By Sania_Shah BRONZE, Cupertino, California
Sania_Shah BRONZE, Cupertino, California
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I’m closed off, to the world around me. It’s to hard for me to explain, to express myself, I get to close and then have to leave. If we just had a normal life, if anyone just had a normal life. But we don’t, isn’t that what everyone says. But really we do, we just hope we don’t. No one wants an ordinary, normal life, cause what's that fun in that. Who want to just go through, school get good grades and have a job? Maybe some people want that but not me. I don’t want a normal life. I want an exciting life, I want to take risks and have adventures, and most importantly I don’t want to be normal. I realize though to have an exciting life in this world is almost impossible, or at least in the way I want an exciting life. Here the most exciting thing that can happen is you become famous, or your in a bad situation or something bad is happening to you, the type of exciting that I want only exist in one world, which is the most farthest away from me. The world of books. One of the reasons I like to consume myself in books, and the same reason why many other people like books. It takes them to a place that we can’t have in our society, takes us to places of adventures, risks, magic, and the most unrealistic events. But it fills our hearts with the content we need to keep on living. It's one of the reasons I live. I find myself so consumed in books cause that my go to place, where I go to escape reality, even though I don't really have a reality, that's any good. Sure everyone has struggles and stuff but none of it matters, it’s just not the same. Why do you think people sing, or dance or any other hobbies it's their way to escape reality, and some people never find their thing, and I feel sad for those people because they will always be trapped in our reality that we have created.

The author's comments:

So I orginally wrote this cause we had to do a writing assignment in school, and this was one of the ideas I had, I just didn’t know if it was any good, so I wanted to try it out here first.

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