The Risks I Took

March 21, 2018

I took a risk today: I tried to look up at the sun, well, no one taught me how to duff my hat in seconds to the brightness, my eyes were literally burning, i'd no doubt that James dashner was telling the truth; that horrible brightness almost fried the runners, it wanted to do the same with my eyes. I bowed my head in shame but I got excited a bit, 'cause I knew the beta-sun would soon arrive, I could stare at that all night long if the Alpha won't allow me..And here I am, looking at this unique crescent. --The Moon.

I took another risk earlier this morning: I tried correcting a data that could be taken off any time. My heart pounded every seconds I spent doing it, I finally realized it wasn't worth it..It was staying longer anyway.

I took a risk last week: I planned to kill my female main character, I didn't realize that they could all  hear me. The night before I put it into writing, she threatened to slit my throat in my dream if I do.. I laid my blue-inked dagger down when I came across her name again the next day, a thought whispering to me not to dare her.

I took another risk this week: I tried to write down the character's name I liked the most in my WIP, she said in my head not to worry, she'd die soon, I told her she's crazy 'cause am the writer, I decide what happens to her and instead of her to walk outta my head, she told me, "You still don't get it, do you? We write ourselves out 'cause it's our life, so stop fooling yourself."..I stared at the blank space before me, speechless since I knew the old woman was right after all.

I took a risk a month ago: I determined to rush a sideline writing in other to meet up with a fictional context, it's 3 more days to closing now and am down with more unwritten words than written..I guess sheer haste doesn't apply to writing.

I took the greatest risk years ago: I tried to ignore what I was born to do. I felt writing was for the weak, I knew the society I was contributed to my theory then..But here I am, picking up the spade where I left it, ready to dig down till the molten pops up.

Let me say, it all paid off..I learned my Lessons. © Image credit - The same moon I told you I'm staring at..

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