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Luck Is on the Floor in this McDonalds

February 8, 2018
By ohcheboccone GOLD, Brooklyn, New York
ohcheboccone GOLD, Brooklyn, New York
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We were at McDonald's, the big one in the mall. The one who's arch is illuminated with a million yellow lights. It's crowded, but we find a booth to sit in. Two girls, sitting in McDonalds, using the rest of their money on Big Macs and a large fry. It's not the most unusual sight, not so uncommon. I get up to order and she hangs back so there's someone to watch the table.

The line is pretty long and I stand on it for a while. I glance back at her, the girl I'm with, every so often, just taking her in through my gaze. Even in the awful lighting of the McDonalds in the mall, she's incredible. I can't think about it for too long, because soon enough I'm up to order.

I tell the cashier what I want and wait. I wait until our number is called, and I take the tray of food when it is. When I have it, I walk back to the table. I set it down, the tray that is, and she smiles at me. It's lovely, it really is, so I smile back.

I get us ketchup from the dispenser and wind up spilling some on my pants. It's a mini crisis but it's resolved soon enough when she gives me handfuls of napkins.

Besides that we eat mostly without a problem. The conversation is as lively and fun as ever, so I'm not complaining at all.

Not a lot of time passes before we get up to leave. We plan on going back to my house, maybe play some games on my Wii. Nothing much, the day wasn't meant to be extravagant. We throw our trash out and begin to walk out.

As we pass the long line on the way out, she whispers something to me and points as subtle as possible. Her fingers directs my vision to a little green bill on the floor. It sits right near my boot so I bend down, quick as ever, and snatch it up.

Now, I'm expecting good old George Washington's face to me staring back at me when I look at the dollar. Instead, I'm greeted with the pursed lips of Benjamin Franklin, my favorite kite-wielding founding father.

She gets it before I do, gasping and starting to laugh. Benjamin Franklin, wait a minute.

One hundred dollars.

One hundred big ones are just sitting between my chubby fingers.

She grabs my hand and we dash out, laughing in disbelief.

Us two, we're not used to money. We're definitely not used to a hundred dollars, not just to spend.

Fun money, money to have fun with. That's what just picked up. Mess around money. We look at each other and our eyes are both glittering with the possibilities of our situation.

She takes my hand in hers and intertwines our fingers. She asks me what we should do.

I give her my answer, and we spend it all on the things we only ever look at and wish we had.

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