The Message That Changed My Life

October 2, 2017
By kag1903 BRONZE, Frisco, Texas
kag1903 BRONZE, Frisco, Texas
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Everyone keeps asking “are you okay, do  you need anything” and all you want to say is “leave me alone, I am fine.” That is how I was treated when I found out the I had four very tiny nodes in my thyroid. 

Just another normal check-up at the doctor's office, or so I thought. I felt normal, so I didn`t think anything was wrong. The doctor did a regular check-up for fall since it was flu season and allergy season. So she had asked me “How have your allergies been doing with the change of scenery.” I  answered with “Okay but my throat has been killing me”. Then she started feeling my throat and she noticed bumps around my thyroid, I also had strep throat so that made it a little worse. At this point, I didn’t know if I was confused or excited that I got to miss school. She had told my parents to get an ultrasound just to make sure, that made me a little anxious to know what was going on.

My mother had scheduled the ultrasound. I was feeling a little abnormal because ultrasounds are just weird and I kept laughing. Soon, we were finished and we had to wait a couple of days to find out the results. The results were that the 4 tiny nodes were too small to really know what it was. So, the doctor would keep monitoring it.

On February 14, 2016, we had another appointment with another doctor. She was very kind and honest about everything. She had seen the results and said that I needed to get a lab to see if the thyroid was causing any problem anywhere else. I apparently also had a tiny cancer cell in one of the nodes. Now, I was feeling more worried and even more anxious than I already was because. You can't tell a teenager something like that, especially one who is very impatient. I was trying to be brave for my parents, who were worried in the inside but trying to hold it in for their little girl. I had gone to the second floor to get my lab done. But, on the elevator ride, I was wondering what is a lab? All these questions went through my head. Do I have to sleep here? Are they going to stuff a tube down my throat? It was nothing like that. All they were doing was giving me a shot. I ran out of there and was excited that I now know what a lab was.

Now, it was time to wait for the results of the lab.  I was very impatient and couldn't wait any longer. I was annoying my parents like a little girl wanting a toy. I was also not being myself at school, barely talking to anyone, not focusing and slacking on my work. My best friends knew that something was going on. One day, my best friend Lisa pulled me aside and asked “is everything ok? you’re not being your old crazy self.” I didn`t want to say anything because I didn`t need some else worrying and always asking are you okay. But, I know that she won't treat me like that if I just talk to her. So, later that day I had told Lisa and my other two best friends everything. All they said was we are praying for you and the old Kassie is now back. We were just laughing the entire day and enjoying it. I was approaching my mother’s car, as soon as I sat down she got a phone call, she answered and hung up in less in 30 seconds. She said everything was normal but that I still needed to be checked up every so offered. I was jumping up and down and ran to my friends to tell them the news. Then, we all started jumping around.

The only thing is I was my old self but still didn`t understand why these were happening and second-guessing everything. I had a major breakdown a couple days later. I had been invited to church on Wednesday night.  The youth pastor had given an outstanding message that really spoke to me. He was saying that  “something could be happening to you right now that needs to there because God wanted it that way for a reason. That we had the opportunity to change someone's life. God might even be testing you to see if you faithful and trust him to do the right.”  I was thinking “God is testing me, he wants me to take what I am going through and make the best out of the situation, share my experience, and stick by his side like he is mine. For some reason, I felt the urge to tell someone. I was nervous but needed to tell her. I had told her everything and all she did was give me the biggest hug in the entire world.  I had kept updating her weeks later.

I had gone back to normal after all of this because it turns out I was fine. The nodes were still very small so there was nothing we could do, besides monitor it every couple of months. The moral lesson of all 0f this was that I needed to more positive in a difficult situation and to trust My Lord and Savior would do what needed to be done.

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