Love After Life

August 8, 2017
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I wonder if loved ones who have passed can send messages to you to reassure they are okay and happy. I always thought about death and the afterlife whether ghosts or reminiscing souls existed in our world today. I read the bible before and the main question I had to ask was, “Is heaven and hell real?” Unfortunately, I never really knew what was true or what was not true.


In our world today there isn’t an exact determination whether heaven or hell exists in the other world. Course the bible is religiously crafted but us as individuals do not know if those events ever took place and if humanity like that existed. All we have to think is about the speculative side of the story and either believe they existed based on our religion or believe those events and humans never were. The first person I lost forever was my grandfather, Michael, when I was 12 years old. He passed away on May 8th, 2012 at 9:45 p.m. at the age of 94 years old and ever since then my life has changed. I never got to say goodbye and see him one last time but I think it was meant to be that way somehow. My mother thought I was too young to see him dying slowly and it would be best if I remained at home with my stepfather. The days went by and they seemed to go faster since he had been gone.


When I visited my grandmother every week, the house seemed quite empty without being able to say hi and give him a hug. Every week, I would walk into his bedroom and see his little closet with all his gifts. I saw the Phillies cup I gave him that Christmas with his prayer card resting upon it. I would stare at his smile filled with happiness and see the brightness reflected upon his eyes. Time and years went by like it always does and the house seemed happier. My 16th birthday was coming up and I was so excited. I didn’t decide to have a Sweet 16 because I wanted to spend my birthday with my family. The day was amazing with my friends, family, the gifts I received, and the feeling of love. However, what came that night was something I can never forget. I had school the next day so I drifted off to sleep with the stars out above me.


I am not sure when the dream came or what time but I do remember how it happened: I saw myself walking through my old bedroom door in my old house my grandfather last saw. It was still the same room with pink lace curtains, my pink bed covered in flowers, stickers and decals of butterflies all over the walls, and the casual sun shining through. The only difference was their was a figure standing in the sun by the window. The shadow was white glowing in a white gown. I had to walk closer to the figure to see the face of my grandfather standing upon me. He was healthy and happy now that he was not in pain anymore. He gently smiled at me and spoke with his voice I had not heard in 4 years; “Hi Daria, how are you?” I was shocked that he was standing there upon me. “Hi Pop-Pop, I am good. How are you?” I replied. He laughed a little and said, “I am wonderful. How is your mother?” I knew she missed him a lot. I replied quickly, “She is okay. She misses you a lot… We miss you a lot.” His face seemed to become more sentimental as we spoke each word. “I know you miss me but let me tell you something. We will see each other again. The time may take a while but you will see me so don’t fear you won’t see me again. Live your life first and when your time comes I will be there waiting for you.”


I teared up because I wanted to see him faster but I had to listen and remember what he spoke to me in that moment. He suddenly released beautiful, white wings. They moved in closer and he wrapped them around me to give me the best hug I needed from him. After he released his wings he spoke to me once more, “Goodbye Daria. See you soon.” I replied simply, “Goodbye.” Seconds later, this big light cascaded through the room and he disappeared. I turned to see my 16 year old reflection staring me back in the face in the tiny room I grew up in as a child remembering who I was and that everything happened for a reason. I woke up with no hesitation and all I did was sit up. When I put on my glasses the clock read 3:56 a.m. specifically. I asked myself so many questions that morning when I woke for school. “Was I dreaming?” “Was that just my imagination?” “Did he come to me through my dream?” Course I didn’t know what had happened but I remembered the dream and every detail because it was so vivid. I went to my mother and I had to tell her what I dreamt about and what it meant. Of course she didn’t know and we both wondered what it could mean. I believe in my own opinion he came to me in my dream at that specific time to tell me he is perfectly fine and there may be a heaven. It made sense because it gave me hope I would see him again. The time may take a while longer but it will stay in my memory that I will see him again in time. 

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