True Love? Is That You?

April 12, 2017
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I didn't know what true love was. Was it a physical being? Was it purely love, devotion, and acceptance? Was it an idealistic mindset? 


Surely, it was a notion created by hopeless romantics in order to get even the most practical of people in love with the idea of love. Personally, I had always mocked it because I believed it was something intangible I could never get my hands on, unlike money or the latest fiction piece from my favorite author.


Three years, four months, and two days after I accidentally spilled juice on the math textbook you shared with me, I realized I now had and had had true love in my grasp. It was you, our memories, every touch, every definition, every moment with or without you, and each person's perspective of what true love is to them. 


 It was there since you leaned over and poked my arm so I would wake up and avoid getting in trouble. It was there when we passed notes and laughed over stupid puns like the immature goofs we were. 


True love existed between us when you comforted me after I just experienced the worst friend breakup, and every time I had a breakdown after than. Even though it wasn't noticeable, or felt, it was there when I was sitting on the kitchen counter, watching you drink fifteen cent off-brand soda you bought in front of Lucky and eat mini pancakes I bought ten minutes ago at Trader Joe's. 


In my happiest memories, true love was present. It was a subtle feeling, something overwhelmed by the joy of the moment, but it lived between us. Whether it was the countless times you gave me piggyback rides, the many walks to the cafeteria because I was too anxious to go alone, or the pictures you desired to share with me on social media, it was a reminder than true love was within reach. 


 Even in my darkest, loneliest times, true love wasn't absent; it possessed a form that I was too pained and miserable to reach out to. It was always nearby, and it didn't matter if I realized that or not because it wouldn't leave anytime soon. 


 Although I'm young, I've truly loved more people than I can count on two hands. True love is everything positive and negative, overwhelming or subdued, hot and cold, light and dark.


 It is a physcial being, emotionally driven, and a mindset, so while we may eventually never speak again, the valuable memories of my friends and I will sustain this true love we keep deep in our hearts and never truly forget. 

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