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Why bullying has gotten out of hand and what to do about it.

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So, bullying. What about it? This is gonna be short, I know this for a fact.

Cyberbullying doesn't exist. It's called the block user button, and most sites where you have long term storage have that sorta thing.

Bullying does exist, and should be dealt with. The bully is not the devil and should be treated with the same respect as the victim. The bystander should not be to blame: Directly it is the bully at fault. But, there could be something wrong with him, couldn't there be? Not all bullies are evil, heartless pricks, we just want to believe that because we're lazy. We need a scapegoat. We can't talk peace, can we? No, we must have a war! The bully is the devil, and doesn't even deserve the likes of the deepest depths of hell! The victim is an angel, worthy of sitting at the right hand of christ!

Is this seriously how we want to deal with this problem?

You all are acting like babies about this. Sit down and talk with a kid every once and a while. Hug your kid everyday, let them know you love them. Teach them tolerance.

Does a lot more to eat healthy first than get surgery later, doesn't it?

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