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Maybe I'll Crash Into You Sometime

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So, early this summer it was my final day of Drivers Education and I had to take my final. For the last like four or so weeks I had been really good friends with this guy in my class named Ben. He goes to a different high school than me, is now a senior, and is turning 18 this year. Everyday while working we talked nonstop about anything and everything. The week before this one day we got out early and just stayed in front of the building and talked for like over an hour. There was no awkward silence or anything; it was just so comfortable. We spoke about how after class it seems like people don’t want to hang out. I brought this up as a way to get his phone number but he was completely oblivious to that fact. On our last day I still didn’t have his phone number and I knew since he lived so far that if I didn’t get it I would never see him again. We worked on our finals together and since we got so off track like all the time we were the last two to finish. I received a 99 out of 100 and he got a 98 so we were both pretty stoked. After that, we sat out front and talked like normal. When he said bye to some other girls we both kind of talked to, I said to him “You do realize that you’re never going to see any of these people again?” Another plea to get his number that he was oblivious to. When I said “these people” I meant me. Then he started talking about how maybe he would crash into me someday since we both learned about driving from Mr. Marrazo. I told him that he was weird because he couldn’t say a more normal way we could meet up again. Then his parents came and I could tell we were both (or at least I was) avoiding something. “Have a good summer.” Was all he said. “Yeah, maybe I’ll crash into you sometime. See you.” That was all I could bring myself to say. See you? We both knew that wouldn’t happen. I could tell that tears would start coming as he drove away. Tears began to well up in my eyes and I moved to the bench closer to the Drivers Ed door. Now I was all alone and I just let myself cry silently on that wooden bench. I never gave him my “if all else fails” letter which told him I really enjoyed spending time with him and had my phone number inside. I cried as I sat there for another fifteen or twenty minutes until my brother and his girlfriend drove up. Then they told me we were going to the movie theater to see a comedy. My brother asked, “So what happened?” He said this casually but someone asking me this just tore me up. Tears came again and I told him, “nothing, absolutely nothing.” And he told me, “Well guys like that don’t deserve you.” And that was the end of our discussion. I silently wondered, “But I don’t deserve them?” Then we went to the movie and I laughed when on any normal night I would be up in my room crying myself to sleep.

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