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Sweet 16

You’re born, and it’s a glorious day. Filled with smiles, tears, family members crammed into a small room, and hospital jello. 1 year goes by and this is a huge step, babies first birthday! Laughter permeates the room as you try to eat the cake and it goes everywhere except your mouth. You take your first steps, and then I realize you are no longer a baby, but a toddler. Going to preschool and no longer drinking bottles. The diapers go, and the potty training begins. Then the crib gets taken apart and the new bed is brought to your room. White packing peanuts scatter across the floor and you giggle as you jump up and down on your new “big girl bed”. Before you know it, the big girl is getting on that yellow school bus; you always talked about and is going to kindergarten for her first day of school. At night a small Scooby doo, nightlight lights the dark room, protecting you from the monsters in the closet. You play with that wiggly tooth of yours, and cross your fingers that it will fall out soon, so the tooth fairy will come. The double digits come, and so does the attitude. You blink your eyes, and your little girl is no longer little, she’s getting her first cell phone, and having sleepovers at her friends’ houses. She then asks you if she can hang out at a boy’s house, with her friends. As the days go by, you’re picking out your first day outfit for high school. And it’s no longer mom’s choice to pick the clothes out. Freshman year flies by, and in the mail is your sophomore schedule. The football games go by, Christmas becomes memories, and then Easter is a joyous day. Your big day is right around the corner! April 21, and my baby is no longer a little girl. Your 16 and have metamorphosed into a beautiful woman … As I grab a tissue to wipe my eyes I look at my mom, the memories she has of my life are memories I will never forget. The 16 years that have passed were 16 amazing years, and I look forward to the years to come. I grab the keys to the car, and hop in the driver’s side “mom it’s time for the next step”.

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