Letter of Those Lost

March 30, 2012
By pinkietoeshoes PLATINUM, Glen Rock, New Jersey
pinkietoeshoes PLATINUM, Glen Rock, New Jersey
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Dear Past Loved Ones,
I miss you dearly although I never met you. You are in my heart. I know you surround me and help me make important decision that could change my life forever. I could only dream that I could have met you while you were still living and I was born. They always say that one door closes when another door opens. I always think of you when Mom says something about you. She just keeps telling me that I am more and more like you every day. Between appearances and personalities its amazing how people can be so the same but some how different. Needing the help to sort the way of life out is the way you come in. You know my future, you know what I am supposed to become. I only foresee the next day, the next month. I dream about the future of knowing how my future roles into play. I talk from the heart not from the brain. Listening to the heart I better then the brain. The heart knows the love and despair of ones life. The brain only knows the knowledge that it holds and nothing else. I dream of that day when you make your self evident inside of me. Chills here and there is that you making your self known? What is it that I need to do to make you stand by me every time I need to cry and need comforting? I know that you are there in the background watching me. I wish you were here in the world still so I could meet you, even if it were just one day. Loving you, loving me, with out even knowing what I should be loving. I dream of what I love. The people of my family that have past are those I write to. Whisper amongst of what I wrote to you my dear past loved ones.
Great Granddaughter, Granddaughter, Niece and Cousin

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