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Bargaining With God

It was March of 2006 when a massive tornado ripped through Randolph County. I was home alone with my two brothers, when I heard the sirens blare.

It was around 7 pm and my parents were both at work. My father worked nights and my mom was supposed to be home at 4:30 but in those days it was easier for her to pretend she had no kids than to come back to the mess we called home, so my mom would stay at work by herself doing who knows what sometimes even staying the night. I was just getting out of the shower when the sirens began. My brothers and I were oblivious to the storm outside, caught up in our own worlds. I was 12 and frightened. I told my eldest brother, Adam that the sirens were going off, he had been watching T.V in the living room. He called my mom on her cell phone at work. My mom works in a rural area which rarely had good cell connection but on this day, for some reason, it did. My brother explained to her what was going on and she told us to watch the news and if the tornado was heading our way then we were to go to the basement. My other brother, Caleb, and I were the pessimists in the family. We always believed the worst was going to happen so while Adam was watching the news Caleb and I hid in the basement. Adam would come down for a while and periodically check the news. That night we made so many promises to God and to each other; if we could only survive the night then I’ll go back to church, if I could only live I’ll be a better person. We were bargaining for our lives. Adam called mom again when he realized that we were going to be fairly safe but the tornado was heading straight towards her.

Mom hid in her work’s bathroom waiting for the tornado to pass while staying on the phone with us. In March of 2006 my mom’s work was destroyed leaving only the bathroom untouched, and my mom, untouched.

My brother’s call it luck that saved her.

My mom calls it her guardian angel.

Me? Maybe it was good timing and better decisions or maybe it our good bargaining skills but, honestly, I’m just glad she lived.

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