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The Great Freeze

It was January. January is supposed to be cold, but not his cold.

With freezing rain pouring down like furious tears, it was officially an ice storm. For me, the ice was a prison keeping me locked up in a house that long ago lost its home. On the day of the great ice storm my brothers and I all got a “snow day” from school, so naturally we were all huddled in my parents’ room, the only room with any source of heating. But time only moves fast when you don’t want it to and before I knew it my parents were home, an irregularity in my house. That night my brothers and I slept on the broken couch in the living room underneath all the blankets we owned. Freezing rain still poured and that night, while my parents slept warmly in their room, my brothers and I froze. The Great Freeze showed me who would choose to stay by my side in the worst of times. My brothers were the ones that made sure their little sister would wake up with all the same body parts still intact while my parents turned their heads and chose otherwise.

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