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He asked me to make a journey, a journey with him. Colours engulfed us as we lay side-by-side. Intricate patterns glowing magically with lively thread hung overhead. The brilliant craftsmanship was another delusion that I had come across while journeying with him. He had, somehow, with his tiny hands, and gleaming blue-gray eyes, showed me that fantastic worlds existed everywhere. He held out his palm against a vibrant green, I watched as light streamed through his parted fingers. Awestruck by such beauty, I held out mine to do the same. He squealed with delight. I outstretched my arms and legs, and more of our secret world was revealed. The majesty of the display reflected in his widened eyes, I smiled. I stroke the shining hair of our dimension, and we watched as my finger led a path of shimmery light. We began finger painting the enclosure with the light. A crack opened to let in a bright burst of energy, weakening the eerily magical glow. We quickly sealed it and braced to continue creating creatures with our illuminating ideas. Rainbow coloured rays emanated on his skin. When the realm shook the colours alternated creating an effect, like that of sunlight passing through a glass vase. Suddenly, tearing through the brilliance, blinding us, stood mom in a room lit too brightly for our inexperienced eyes. Our colourful hideout was now nothing but a blanket, fused from its secret ability. However, the promise of another creation tomorrow filled the air. I realized that whilst I looked for logic in everything, logic itself was art. Weaving my gaze through that inside realm, I had found my inner child. Thanks to this journey, this journey I made with him.

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