My Past Life

October 18, 2011
Being little I didn't know what adopted meant but,when I was 10 I found out what had happened to me. What my real parents did, why I’m the way I am. My name is Aliana, I have 2 mothers who are divorced and I am adopted. My birth mothers name is Sylvia, my fathers name, I do not know. My birth parents were drug addicts, they did heroin is all I know and pretty much care to know. I know they were drug dealers and I know my mother did drugs while I was in her stomach. I was a drug baby as the doctors called it. They said I will always have the problem of being addicted to drugs and alcohol. That I couldn't help it I would just want them. I have ADHD and it is indeed very hard to concentrate or calm down sometimes. Yet I manage it. I know I have two sisters and two brothers, none of which names I know. My father was Irish and my mother was Mexican, my mother said I got my curly hair from my father and doesn't really know what I got from my mother. I was adopted at 8 months old and before then I was in a foster home. When I was old enough, as they called it. They told me what had happened, but not really, I had found out. My brother told me my real name was Brandy, but being little I didn't believe him. So I asked my mother instead, and she told me everything,and to my dismay it was true. She went away for a minute or two and came back with a book in her hand. It had all these teddy bears and stickers on it. I opened it and she said, “These are pictures of you before we adopted you, these pictures your foster family and your grandma, your real grandma”. I started crying and looked through the book of pictures, it was me and pictures of people who I will probably never see again. Then I saw my grandma and I started sobbing. I didn’t even know these people. They had just given me up like I was nothing, I wasn’t important to them. I closed the book and turned to my mother, I was angry. “Why! Why now? After all this time, why keep this from me”. I screamed at her and ran to my room, I couldn’t stop sobbing. They should’ve let me die, they should’ve forgotten me. I am a no body I thought to myself. I got on my bed and fell asleep.

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