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August 15, 2011
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Thinking back on my middle school years, I have been more comfortable with guys then girls for the most part. I guess that's why my boys mean so much to me.

Now, when I say my boys, I'm not saying guys I've gone out with or anything, they're my best friends.

Aaron, was my first friend at church.

Zac, was the guy I'd known since I was little that I always wanted to be with cause he's just that cool.

Jeff, my first crush, first heartbreak, and really he is my best friend too.

Andrew, my little warrior, he's the one jumping up to give me a hug or have me over his house when my family's in a jam.

Caleb, he's my brother, he's my boy, he's been through hell and I never want to see him hurt like that again.

Matt, the one who took me to his junior Prom cause he didn't know a lot of people at his new school. We ended up dancing and laughing all night!

Dave, I just met him, he's ten years older than me and acts like my big brother.This weird guy was flirting with me and when he leaves Dave comes by, "Oh, I was planning on smashing his face in, good thing he didn't try anything on you."

Fudge, J.j., Harlon, Justin, Asher, Sam, Josh.

I would walk through hell and back for each and every one of them. I've only known them for three years, but I trust them with my life. I trust them more than some kids I've known since I was four! They havn't given me a reason to turn my back on them.

I remember when I was in the hospital, Jeff called me just to make me laugh and take my mind off it. Aaron taught me how to play football and is there to talk to 24/7. Caleb gets what I talk about, the depression and cutting. Andrew prays for me like he gets paid for it. And Zac helps me keep 'em all from killing each other.

These boys have taught me what I want in a guy, how I desreve to be treated, and how to have fun!

It is beyond words how much they mean to me. I just hope they know that every time I say I love them, I really mean it &lt;3

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Incitata said...
Aug. 22, 2011 at 6:14 pm
great job on this!  It's really heartwarming to hear about howm much you and your friends care about each other.
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