The Best Time of My Life

March 22, 2011
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“Hmmm… Well, I’m pretty sure this number that Katrina gave me is NOT Carrick’s… Unless he tells strangers his name is Ashley…” I thought, disappointed.

It all started on December 1st last year. I had been broken up with my loser ex boyfriend for about two months, and I was itching for something new. At that point in time, I was ready for something, anything. I said I would be ok with just a fling…but really I would never, ever, be ok with that. That shows how anxious I was. I thought finding someone new would help me move forward. I started asking my friends if they knew any eligible guys. They all gave me “The Look” because they were single, and if they knew a guy, he wouldn’t be for me. Then I started hanging out with Katrina. She had recently begun talking to a Central Lake boy, and asked him if he had any available friends. He said he had a friend named Carrick, but if all I wanted was a fling, he wouldn’t have anything to do with me.

I was excited at the possibility of finding a new guy, so I assured Katrina that a fling was not what I wanted. She was happy to play Match-Maker and gave me the number she had for Carrick.

It took me all day at school to work up the nerve to text him. I was trying to figure out what to say and sound the least creeper-like. After thinking the whole day I decided to text him when I got done with my homework. The final outcome of my brain-wracking was, “Hey. This is Calli, Katrina’s friend. She is friends with Zac B. She thinks we should try to get to know each other. :)”

I waited and waited for a reply, and finally I got one.
“Katrina who? Why do you wanna talk to me? ~Ashley <3 ~”
“Umm, Katrina… She thought we could maybe be friends.”
“Idk a Katrina. I think ur confused. This is Ashley. ~Ashley <3~”

I was crushed. I had been planning all day, and it ended up that I didn’t even have the right number. I texted Katrina and told her to ask her Zac for the number again, because I didn’t think the one she gave me was right. She texted me back a little while later and sure enough, I was right. She had been Katrina-like and switched the two middle numbers…cell phone numbers aren’t quite interchangeable.

I decided I had enough disappointment for one night and went to bed. I felt like an idiot after texting the wrong number, and I couldn’t sleep that night. I kept trying to picture what the real Carrick would be like…if I ever got to talk to him. I figured I would stop being a wimp and text him the next day right after I was done with homework.

The next day at school came, and all I wanted to do was get home so I could text my possible future boyfriend (shallow, I know). Everyone knows that when you’re waiting for something at the end of the day, the hours leading up to it drag on forever, and ever, and ever…especially during 7th hour. Finally the last bell rang, and I practically ran to my locker. I grabbed my bag, homework, and keys, then speed-walked to my truck. I couldn’t wait to get home.

Of course when I walked in the door my mom decided I had chores. I was irritated because it would waste my time, but I was so anxious that I zipped through the list of things to do. After I tackled that, I got to work on my stuff from school. Geometry, eww. Biology, I couldn’t care less. English, who wants to read THIS? Nothing seemed to interest me, which made finishing it a boring task. At about 7 o’clock I finished all my homework and packed it up in lightening speed. Finally, I could do what I wanted.

I nervously pulled my phone from my pocket and slid it open. The screen lit up, and I automatically tapped the text message icon. All my messages popped up, but I wanted to open a new message. I typed in Carrick’s name and then tapped the text box. I was tense and excited as I typed out the message I had spent three days fretting over. I checked it over one last time to make sure I didn’t have any spelling errors and come across as an idiot, then I pushed send before I could change my mind.

I tossed my phone to the end of my bed so I could “ignore” it and not check it compulsively for new messages. That pretense lasted all of about 10 seconds before I reached out and snatched up my phone. Just as I was telling myself I was pathetic, the phone buzzed.
“New Message: Carrick: Hey. How are you? What’s up?”

As stupid as it may sound, I got instant butterflies in my tummy. I was nervous and excited and everything else all rolled into one. I debated how I would reply. Would I answer right away, or let him wait a few minutes? Would I act nonchalantly or cool? I thought for a moment and decided I would just be myself. Being me from the very beginning was the one of the best choices I’ve ever made.

A week passed and I was exhausted. Carrick and I hit it off better than I thought possible. We talked every night after school for hours, until at least midnight when one of us finally admitted we were deathly tired. We would say goodnight and sometimes end up talking again. We just couldn’t stop talking! Everything lined up perfectly. We had so much in common, and that is unusual for me.

One night we were talking about a basketball game that was scheduled for the next day, in Central Lake. Katrina had begged me to drive her over so she could see her Zac play, and she tempted me by saying I could meet up with Carrick. I asked Carrick if he was planning on going to the game. He countered by asking me if I was. I said maybe, and it depended. He said he would see if he could, and he’d let me know. Understandably, I was anxious. I wanted to meet this amazing guy! I talked it over with Katrina and agreed to drive her over to the game, and if Carrick was there, I would stay.

The next morning I woke up in a fantastic mood. All I had to do was make it through the day, and with a good morning text from Carrick waiting on my phone when I awoke, it was bound to be a great day. I got out of bed with a spring in my step, and I couldn’t have been more excited. I got to school and began the day. Needless to say, by last hour I was practically bouncing in my seat. I was pumped up and ready. When the last bell rang I found Katrina and told her I’d pick her up at 6 o’clock when she got off work.

I got home and did my homework faster than a crazy person, whipping through geometry problems like they were nothing. I did chores in record time, and then rushed inside to take a shower. I didn’t think about the problem with doing chores quickly…lots of time to wait around. I took a long, hot shower, and got myself beautiful. I didn’t know if he was a guy who liked au natural, or lots of makeup. How could I have forgotten to ask his preference?! Then I thought about him, and how we were so much alike. I figured if this held true to looks, less is more. I put on a hint of eyeliner, then some bronze eye shadow, which accentuates my brown eyes. I finished it with a layer of mascara. I thought it was perfect. I got dressed and looked at the clock. I had just enough time to go pick up Katrina, then scoot over to Central Lake.

I picked up Katrina at 6 o’clock on the dot and began my first ever journey to the high school. We were almost into the Central Lake city limits, when I felt my phone go off. Carrick had texted me and said he was there, and couldn’t wait to meet me. I was ecstatic! I drove a little faster and arrived at the school about five minutes later.

Katrina and I walked through the doors, and paid for our tickets, where some weirdo was talking about Arctic chills.

“That was bizarre….” Katrina whispered.

“Wasn’t it?” I asked.

Katrina knew what Carrick looked like, so I told her to go first. She walked to the bleachers and turned around to face me.

“Fourth row from the bottom. Five people in. Blue sweatshirt. That’s Carrick.”

“Hmmm…. Ok. You still go first. I’m nervous!” I stammered.

She rolled her eyes at me and took a few steps up the bleachers. She said hi to Carrick and introduced us. I think he blushed a little when he saw me… I’m pretty sure I blushed, too. He was sooooo cute! I sat between him and Katrina, and tried to keep conversation going, which was proving to be difficult. After about ten minutes, Katrina zoned out by staring at Zac’s butt…. Good grief. So, that left me to talk to Carrick all by myself. It wouldn’t have been too bad, because I’m very social. However, he was cute, and I liked him…and that made talking about random topics very difficult.

I ended up getting him to talk about his school, and the basketball team and anything else I brought up. I got him to lighten up and look me in the eye. He had gorgeous eyes…light blue and sparkly. By the end of the night we were sitting so close we were touching. I felt comfortable around him, and I’m sure he felt the same around me. Before we left, I got a picture with him on my phone, and it was the best picture. It’s still my favorite. When we were saying goodbye, we gave an awkward hug, but it was unforgettable, regardless of the awkwardness.

After a few more weeks of talking to each other, we decided we should be a couple. We felt like we were meant to be together. I felt strongly for him, and I would do anything for him. We were always texting, and talking when we could. We are still that way to this day. That day I started talking to Carrick changed my life for the better. The day he asked me to be his girlfriend, his one and only, forever and always, was the best day of my life.

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