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February 23, 2010
By Rohini BRONZE, Sugar Land, Texas
Rohini BRONZE, Sugar Land, Texas
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The mulch ground, flecked with bits of dirt, zooms in and out of focus for the two elementary school girls, one blonde and the other dark, swinging back and forth on the swing set, with their high pitched peals of laughter ringing out across the crowded playground. A perfect beginning to a friendship that would change both of their lives forever.

Life is a movie. No matter how hard you try, you will never be able to rewind it and give certain spots another shot, and only those left behind in the end will ever see the finished product, no matter how crude or polished it may be. Above is the opening scene from my film that I currently direct with the help of my producer and friend, Rachel Stone. Although the camera recording this particular film will rarely, if ever, capture anything beyond the director’s perception, the finished film will contain the thoughts and opinions of many, especially that of my producer’s. While this movie begins far before my friendship with Rachel, the bulk of it will take place after that fateful meeting in third grade. The impact she has had on me and my film is tremendous yet unnoticeable at the same time. Growing up together, there has been little room for drastic changes yet the little things have added up over the years, starting from my induction into the color green’s fan club.

Walking outside with the sun beating down furiously on us, I learnt of the magic that green contains. The mysterious way it deposited itself into blades of grass, sparkling emeralds, and, as Rachel pointedly bragged, her eyes. The color green with its twinkling, eye-catching pigments has since been my favorite color although my education continued to reach even greater heights which increasingly became more and more important. Soon after this lesson, I noticed my personality begin to change. I was freer with my smiles and bestowed it graciously upon any stranger I met in the halls, I laughed more and even cracked a few jokes of my own, and most importantly, I began to talk more. Soon Rachel’s friends became our friends and the two of us were always to be found at the center of the laughs and were duly dubbed the ‘Troublesome Inseparable Two’ by our teachers.

The years that followed involved the two of us influencing one another even more, sometimes directly and sometimes indirectly. We became similar in all aspects both physical and mental. Our characteristics began to merge as my love for reading rubbed off onto Rachel and as her energetic personality in turn bored into my more serious one. We were alike in so many ways that it was even called uncanny by some of our friends. Unfazed by these comments, the two of us continued to evolve in response to the other and only when we were much older did we allow our opinions to differ.

Our friendship became even more serious as we started debating certain issues. Raised by different parents, our opinions were set in complete opposites when concerning subjects like religion and basically the world in general. Although I have always been the more stubborn of the two of us, Rachel helped open my mind to opinions and thoughts that were different than my own. As we roamed the corridors of our middle school, Rachel constantly forced me to listen to the other side until, after three years of long, hard work, I was officially announced as saved from the devastating path of narrow-mindedness. It then became my turn to teach her of the world outside America, of the beauty of the country I still consider home, and of the miracles that take place every day outside our line of sight. Only when I began to tell of all these worldly wonders did I realize how strongly Rachel has impacted my life and more importantly me.

I will never be able to see the end of my film because I will be, to put it quite simply, dead. However, I have had many opportunities to glance back at it, tweak the present scenes being videoed, and observe all the editing that has occurred along the way. Perhaps when the credits roll by in sixty or so years, everyone left behind will discover Rachel’s name as chief editor, for she truly has edited, changed, and impacted me and in turn my film.

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