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Interview of Hugh Howie

Hugh Howey is an American, New York Times Bestselling author, known for his popular series Wool, which he independently published through's Kindle Direct Publishing system.

When did you first get interested in writing?
It was when I was around twelve years old. I tried to write a book then, but only got four or five chapters in before giving up. I then didn’t pursue writing for about twenty years.

Did you receive a college education?
Partly, After graduating High School, I worked on a ship. I then spent some time island jumping, which taught me a lot of life skills. After that, I returned to school several times, the last occasion, I dropped out due to WOOL taking off.

How long did you work on your first book before it was finished?
It took me about two weeks to finish the first draft. That was the fastest I’ve ever finished a project. I think that it was all the years not writing building up.

How long did it take for your first book, WOOL, which was published online as an e-book, to get popular?
It sat there on Amazon for about 2 and ½ months until it started to get bought.

What is your favorite part in the book writing process?
I personally like revising, having something out there to work on.

If you publish them online, who edits your stories for you?
Well, first off, my wife and mom. I also hire an editor. I pay the going rate, which can be quite pricey but worth it.

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