The True Jorgensen

January 17, 2011
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Elizabeth Jorgensen is a Language Arts teacher at the University of Arrowhead: North Campous (The U). Her testostron enriched Advanced Composisition class, which is composed of the biggest trouble makers that Arrowhead has to offer, doesn’t even match what she saw and heard while being a resident adviser (RA) and hall director at the University of Marquette.
She took the RA job her sophomore and junior year and became hall directior her senior year becauce of the great beneifits: free room and board, private room, and many other perks that come with the job. But her main reason in taking the job was to help her parents out finicially because they told her, “Anything you can do to help use out is appreciated.” She took the job because she “wanted to do it” and it “looks good on a resume”, said Jorgensen.
“People are pretty good”, said Jorgensen. But she soon found out that not everyone is so good.
Before the year started, she told her residents that “If I don’t hear it, smell it, or see it. I don’t have to do anything about it.” She told them that she would be lenient and she “wanted to live like normal adults.” But not everyone followed these rules.
The first incedent occurred her sophmore year (first year as RA) when the police where called because drugs and drug parphnalia where found in a girl’s room.
“They took her away in handcuffs”, said Jorgensen. “I was shocked.”
But the worst incedients occurred her senior year as hall director of Sharter.
Boys in her dorm were playing a game with water ballons. Except the water was replaced with pee. “They filled up water ballons with their pee and they would hit people with them as they walked by under the windows”, said Jorgensen. “It was like a game for them.”
“When I trried to confront them about it, they would always say it wasn’t them or try to deny it.”
But the most annoying incedent occurred when “Someone pulled the firealarm in Sharter Hall three or four times in a single night and the fire department came.” “The person had to pay 30 or 40 grand for each pull”, said Jorgensen.
But the most outragoes incedent occurred later that same year. “People were having sex in the showers”, screamed Jorgensen. “That makes the shower discusting for everyone else that had to use them.”
Overall, life as a RA and hall director were pretty good. Most of the time, her residents acted like normal adults, besides the incedents listed above. When asked if she would do it all over again, her answer was a quick “yes!”

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