Toubled Life

November 15, 2010
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When you go to school everyone you look at may SEEM to have a happy everyday life, but what you don’t know is that the day before or even that morning that person may have witnessed an abusive situation. Imagine it was usually at night. Imagine every other night seeing her little brother being hit. Imagine her standing in the kitchen just waiting for her turn to come. Imagine feeling that at any moment you may see blood. And now imagine every night not being able to sleep.
Til this day she still wakes up in the middle of the night fearing her mother will come. Memories of the time she was told not to talk to anyone once she has finished receiving hot water thrown at her. She didn’t even open her mouth to alert her mom of the fever she was coming upon. And yet when she goes around and speaks to others, she doesn’t show a hint to not a soul. When she see's younger kids in the hall she says ti herself, I will never be a mother such as mine.

“Everytime I hear or see anything about my mom till this day I have fear.” Says the young women who hasn’t had to deal with this for 3 years. Now imagine every night still not being able so sleep.

Imagine you have been going through this abuse for 4 years. For this long 4 years you have not been able to stand up to your mom and you couldn't go tell anyone because you are too afraid. Now you come to the point where you have to deal with your mother’s friends being uncomfortable. Now one of her friends has to take a drug test for her job. Of course she is clean so you have to pee in this cup for her because you mom has told you to. Keep in mind that you are only 8 years old. You don't have to pee, but because you can see the anger building in your moms eyes and you know what happens when she gets mad you go and drink a lot of water. When she peed she kind of got it on the bottle. This is the part where you keep in mind she is only 8. So she washes the bottle. Apparently the water got in the bottle. But she doesn’t know

This friend came back. And tells her mom the test failed and she might get fired from her job. Your mom comes in you your room and wakes you up. With a voice so resounding and sinful she threatenedes you that if her friend gets fired. By the solvent of her voice you can tell she is drunk and she doesn’t sound to be playing. When you go back to school you tell the counselor there about what has happened in the past 4 years from last night to this morning.

Imagine 5 months has past. Imagine having the agony of what the consequence will be. Imagine your parents coming back with the decision. Imagine living with your dad full time. Imagine having the relief of being able to see your mom when ever you feel is the right time. Imagine sleeping a bit better now at night.

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