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What does it take to be a man?

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What does it take to be man?

“Bzzz, Bzzz…” That is the sound of my alarm clock going off. The smell of the breakfast that my dad is making is already making my mouth water, then I taste my mouth, yuk, it feels like my teeth are wearing sweaters. I get up and prepare myself for another day of new adventures. I get downstairs and the first person that I see is my dad. My dad just got back from his daily morning jog; therefore he is drenched in sweat. He is making my sister and I breakfast. My dad is a very important person in my life, I don’t know what I would do if he wasn’t in my life. (I probably wouldn’t even be here if it wasn’t for him!) I look up to my dad for just about anything and everything. In my mind my dad is a man, but does he think that he is a man? I didn’t know his answer until I had to ask him for an English essay. “What does it take to be a man, dad?” He answered back in his deep voice, “Well son, it takes a lot to be a real man. A man has got to provide for his family, making sure that they have what they need. Also they have to be able to stay calm at even the most nervous or frightening moment. Also, a man must be able to take responsibility for what he does and says.” I looked at him in puzzlement. “Here let me explain it to you…” After a long talk with my dad, I finally figured out what his “definition” of a man is.

“A man must provide for his family.” That means that a man has to be physically, emotionally, and finically prepared to have a family. Then after having a family, he must be able to provide for them. That means having clothes for them to wear, having food on the table, having the love and support that his family will need at any time, also having a shelter for them to live in. He must also provide an education or help provide an education for his children. He must be able to provide life skills and lessons that will be able to allow his children to be free at the age of 18 and forever. I looked at my dad in agreement. He has been teaching me these things ever since I was born. I never knew that someday I might have to teach my kids someday.

“A man must stay calm at even the most nervous or frightening moment.” That quote means exactly what it says. If a man can’t stay calm even if he is nervous or frighten, then how is suppose to live through life. If he can’t live through those times, then what can live through? No one ever said that life was fair, or smooth. There will always be problems, and if they can’t help themselves, then how can they help their family? I couldn’t believe that I have never seen that from him. He has been calm whenever I see him, even if I get a bad grade or do something that HE considers to be bad or inappropriate. (But must of the time, it’s just something mean.)

“Also, a man must be able to take responsibility for what he does and says.” I believe strongly in that. My dad and I both strongly believe that the words speak for themselves. The words mean that you must be able to stand up for what you believe in. You must be able to take the consequence, whether that is good or bad. You must be able to think ahead and think of the consequences.

After finally learning about what it takes to be a man, I managed to understand my dad more. I finally know why he does the things he does. I finally have something to teach my kids and for them to teach their kids. Now I finally know that its takes more then toughness and/or bravery to be a man. I can now finally live up to my dads expectations!

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