Discovering the Hero Within Myself

August 26, 2017
By Glenys D'Souza SILVER, Mumbai, Other
Glenys D'Souza SILVER, Mumbai, Other
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I am not a movie or theatre superhero whom every child recounts and looks forward to. Nor do I perform any hypothetical stunts, kill enemies or saves life. But yet I am a HERO. My Strength doesn’t lie in my muscles but in my heart. It doesn’t lie in a cape or a mask or any other costume, they are just outward accessories. They do not always possess a shiny armor. Your true hero is not yet discovered. It lies in your confidence to correct something you know is wrong. It lies in your courage to defend what is right. It lies in your actions to be brave enough to accept your mistake. Every day we come across various obstacles but not everyone has the strength to overcome them. Heroes believe in themselves and achieve the unthinkable by invoking untapped talent. in my life, every day begins the same, But doesn’t always end the same. Mood swings, examinations, scolding, accidents and many more take place within 24 hours. But each second of it gives me an opportunity to create something new within. May it be a positive attitude or towards someone- gratitude. Everyone doesn’t accept failure and don’t realize that each of us fail at something but rather accept not to try again. Each successful moment no matter how silly is another step on the ladder to success. And success is not final; it is the courage to continue that makes you are hero. Being a helping hand to someone even by just sharing the small things you possess makes you a hero because of the concerned and thoughtful behavior and after all we are all ordinary men and women who sometimes go out of the way to become not just heroes but superheroes. Sometimes you are a hero for your own self but, the one who considers others needs a priority and understands the joy and pain within a another individual is a hero for the world and in way you become a hero for yourself too. The pride you gain by bringing a smile on someone else’s face, the joy you receive in helping others makes you a true hero.

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