The Hero in My Life

May 4, 2017
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Steve McMurray has many names: father, husband, grandfather, uncle, and the list goes on. But the most important name that my grandfather has is veteran. Paw-paw, as I like to call him, is one of the most important people in my life. At the age of eighteen, Steve enlisted in the Marines for World War II. He had a strong passion for this country and wanted to prove it to his family and friends. He fought as one of the top Marines in Iwo Jima, loving every second of it. My grandfather Steve McMurray is a hero to me because of his bravery to fight, loyalty to his family and friends, and his generosity in countless ways.

One of the traits of a hero that Steve McMurray shows is bravery. My grandfather was, and still is, one of the bravest and most courageous people that I have ever known. He decided at the age of eighteen to leave his home and go fight for our country. He never once was scared to fight, since he knew that he was fighting for the freedom of his future children and grandchildren. He always showed courage and never once was afraid to fight for what he believed in. Even when he was in the hospital and acquired a blood clot, he never feared or lost courage. He believed he would make it through, and with the help of God, family, and friends, he made it through to today. He has taught me many things in my life, but one of the most important has been to be brave. Bravery was always, and still is, a motivation for my grandfather. He has taught me that no matter what the circumstances are, when you are brave and hopeful, the impossible can happen.

Another trait that my grandfather, Steve McMurray, displays in his life is his loyalty to his family, friends, and work. My grandfather has been one of the most loyal people in my life. I know that whenever I need something, I can count on him to get it done. He never once questioned his role as a father, grandfather, or uncle, and always believed in showing support to everyone, no matter what the issue was. In addition to his loyalty to his family, he also showed tremendous loyalty to his profession. My grandfather never once thought about leaving the Marines. He felt that it was a tough job, but he was more than happy to take on a challenge. He felt that his duty was to serve his country, and no matter how hard it was to fulfill that duty, he stayed loyal to the Marines. My grandfather has shown me that loyalty is another trait that is important to have in a person. Loyalty is something that everyone should have, but most people struggle with. My grandfather has taught me that to be loyal you have to be willing to trust and believe in what you are doing.

The third trait that my grandfather exhibits to me is his generosity. My grandfather is probably the most generous person that I know. He’s always willing to give up his time, money, resources, or anything to be wherever you need him or help you with anything. My grandfather has been an inspiration to me since I was little. No matter what he has planned, his family comes first. Whether it be going to the store, going to eat, or anything at all, he will cancel his plans to spend his time with me. He has always been the one to put others before himself, and reminds me that I need to do the same. He has taught me to be generous to people that I know and people that I do not know. I have been taught how to be generous just by watching how generous he is to me and to others.

In conclusion, my grandfather, Steve McMurray, is brave, loyal, and generous in numerous ways. He has taught me that you do not need to fight in a war to be brave. Bravery comes when you least expect it, and I can be brave if I try. He’s shown me that you have to work hard at being loyal. Loyalty does not just come out of the middle of nowhere, it is practiced and learned. Generosity is another quality that he has taught me to be. He has taught me that to be generous, you need to love those around you and appreciate the time that you are given. He has guided me to understand that to give is something that helps others, and in helping others we are helping ourselves. My grandfather has taught me many lessons in my life, and I hope that I will learn to become as brave, generous, and loyal as he has been throughout his life.

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