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My Drama Sister, Amanda

When considering the proper individual for this journal topic, the first person that sprang into my mind was my mother. However, I believe that most people admire their parents, as that should be a given. Therefore, I decided to write about a special friend of mine that I recently made this year. Amanda is a soon-to-be sixteen year-old sophomore in high school. Amanda has taken the role as my older sister, and she has become my high school "guardian angel." Over the summer during P.E. camp, I met Amanda and we became friends. Our friendship has further progressed, as we share a drama class, and next semester we will share a study hall. I admire Amanda for many reasons. First, we are able to empathize with each other as we have both struggled through health issues. I admire Amanda because she is someone who maintains a positive outlook, and she consistently helps others even though she has her own challenges with which to cope. Personally, I do my best to maintain a positive attitude, but I struggle at times to see the light through the darkness. I hope that someday when I become sixteen, that I will be able to remain as upbeat as Amanda. Furthermore, Amanda is an amazingly talented singer and actress, yet she is a genuinely humble person. She also shows great perseverance, as while she has been in almost every production at Lake Highland, she has not always been chosen for the lead role. However, Amanda has stuck with it, and her patience has rewarded her as she has gained wonderful roles in productions such as Guys and Dolls, Cinderella, and most recently, Pride and Prejudice. While I am generally a passive person, I sometimes struggle to maintain patience in my pursuits. Therefore, I hope to be able to attain the patience and perseverance that Amanda demonstrates everyday. Moreover, Amanda is quite simply a good person. She never hesitates to be of help to someone, whether it be with their monologue or their English homework. Amanda has been an outstanding mentor for me in drama as well as my musical pursuits. She never fails to sit with me and go over a monologue, or to give me the confidence boost that I need before I perform. Most importantly, Amanda truly cares. When she asks me how my day has gone, she genuinely wants to know, rather than asks out of social convention. She never hesitates to listen to me while I vent, and she always offers her insightful advice into the life of being a teenager. Furthermore, she is the Mary Poppins of our time, as she always has what you need, whether it be a cough drop or an umbrella, or quite simply a hug and a word of encouragement. I hope that as we both grow older, our friendship will progress and deepen. Amanda is my older sister, and I admire her each and everyday.

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Allicat001 said...
Dec. 3, 2012 at 9:48 pm
This was very creative, very well written and very well organized, 5/5 stars for sure! :)
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